The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Valley Community Fibre Network

Posted On: Fri. Sep. 26 2008

In 2005 the Valley Community Fibre Network was started with the goal to connect communities and help businesses in the Valley succeed by having the technological infrastructure needed. The project involves having a 186 km fibre optic network which connects Middleton to Halifax, as well as the other partners which are in between.

After a huge amount of work and testing, this network is now finished and ready to accept commercial customers. The VCFN project is a great example of communities working together to bring great benefits to the businesses and residents of the Valley.

Having this type of network infrastructure will give participants a much faster way to transmit large amounts of data. It will also be a great selling feature to bring new businesses to the Annapolis Valley, knowing they will have access to this high speed global connection.

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