The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

The Apple Blossoms Have Arrived

Posted On: Mon. May. 25 2009

It is almost Apple Blossom Festival here in the Annapolis Valley, and in lots of places the apple blossoms are already here. The official opening to this year's Apple Blossom Festival is on the 28th of May and will run through until June 1st, but really events and activities started even earlier.

With the apple trees blooming already we should still have some blossoms around for the festival. Different apple varieties bloom at different times. Some of the newer varieties tend to bloom later than older varieties such as Macintoshes or Gravenstien.

As of today the weather for the big Apple Blossom events does not look the most promising. Friday and Saturday both call for showers, with Sunday looking cloudy. Luckily for us the weather in the Valley is just as unpredictable as the rest of Nova Scotia. Everything is far enough away that the forecast still has a good chance of changing. Rain or not the parades will go on as they have in some recent rainy years, and no matter what the weather, the crowds always show up because they know it will be well worth it.

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