The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Spending a Hot Day in Windsor

Posted On: Mon. Aug. 17 2009

Yesterday, August 16, 2009, was a very hot day here in the Annapolis Valley. The temperature itself was not so bad, hovering right around 30 degrees, but with the humidex it made it feel like 39 degrees.

Most of us promise all winter that when the summer gets here we won't complain about the heat, so we won't complain. Instead embrace the heat and find something fun to do to cool down.

Nova Scotia has many beaches and they are a great way to spend a hot day. You can find many of the Annapolis Valley Beaches at

Another fun thing to do is to visit the Windsor Playland Park. They have a water slide and pool that make it a great way to stay cool.

While in Windsor and if it happens to be a day they are open the Trecothic Creek & Windsor Railway offers a dry way to stay pretty cool. There is lots of shade at the Railway, and riding on the trains keeps a nice breeze blowing on you, even if mother nature isn't providing one.

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