The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and Social Media

Posted On: Tue. Feb. 17 2009

Social Media is not new anymore but it's something that I haven't played with a lot. For a while now I've had a Facebook group setup at, but I've not done a lot with it yet.

For some time I've seen the value in Facebook when it comes to personal uses, as well as using it to promote and inform people about business ventures.

This brings me to another huge Social Media site, Twitter. I've known about Twitter for a long time now and had the main idea on how it worked. Honestly I thought the whole idea was pretty foolish. Constantly making mini posts that can not be more than 140 characters.

For the past couple days I've put away my preconceived notions and gave it a try. So far I've been happily surprised. It is pretty fun, and I can now certainly see the potential it has as a tool to reach a great number of people.

So if you are so inclined you can follow me on Twitter

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