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Oaklawn Farm Zoo in the Spring

Posted On: Sat. Apr. 9 2011

Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford opens today (April 9, 2011) for the season. Spring time has to be about the best time to visit the zoo, even though each year we end up with a season pass and visit many times, early spring is always my favourite.

For regular visitors like my family one of the big reasons we like the spring visits so much is because it has been so long since we've last been. Our family is still young and growing and this year our son, will be extra excited. He is in an animal loving phase right now, where all his toys, books, movies need to be or involve some form of animal. He's so young that he won't really remember the zoo from last year, that will make this first visit almost like his first.

In the spring time the temperatures are still fairly cool, I find this helps the animals be a little more active than when the heat of summer arrives. Then they can sometimes be lazy and just lay around.

Each year our first few visits usually include some new cute baby animals being born at the zoo. The baby goats each year are always a favourite with everyone. Lots of times they will manage to get out of their fenced area and come right up to your feet to be fed corn. Their small and cute and right there for you to interact with, so it is always a big hit.

With the zoo being open seven days a week from 10:00am until dusk, it makes it easy to find a time to go. If you are able to go during the week days, because a lot of people are working, and their children are in school, you can sometimes pretty much have the whole place to yourself. This makes it especially fun if you are interested in visiting at feeding time. It varies thoughout the season but it is earlier in the spring than summer time. You are able to ask lots of questions and even get to help feed some of the animals.

Feeding Smokey the bear can be kind of daunting. He's so big and there is only a small fence separating the two of you when you go in to feed him. It's of course safe as Smokey is a pretty calm and laid back guy, but watching him take a mint out of someones mouth with his is pretty impressive. When he stands up you realize just how big he really is.

If you plan on visiting the zoo even a couple of times throughout the year it could likely be worth it for you to purchase a season pass. As of today the current prices are below.

Regular Admission:

Adults - $7.50
Seniors - $4.00
Students - $4.00
Children 3-12 - $3.00
Children under 3 - Free

Season Passes:

Single Adult - $25
Couple - $45
Family of 3 - $55
Family of 4 - $65
Family of 5 - $75
Family of 6 - $85
Family of 7+ - $95

You can find more information about the zoo at their website

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