The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Non Traditional Valley Meat Producers

Posted On: Mon. Feb. 23 2009

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Apple Industry and how, with government help, they were researching, and proactively trying to change things around to ensure they are still an active industry in the future. Included in that article was how I would like to see the same with other industries such as the Pork Industry.

Well, there are meat producers in the Annapolis Valley who are doing just that. Meadowbrook Meat Market just outside of Berwick has become the only producer of Omega 3 enriched pork, and they sell a lot of their product in their own meat market.

As many would know at this point Omega 3 is a fatty acid which has many health benefits and can be found in things like fish oil and flax seed. Having a good source of Omega 3 in your diet and is being recommended by many health professionals.

Meadowbrook Meat Market raises their animals on Omega 3 enriched feed which in return ends up in the meat they produce and sell.

Another example is Oulton's Farm outside of Windsor. They still produce a number of traditional livestock such as beef and pork. However, they have also moved on to include more exotic type animals as well.

Starting out with Quail they have also added Yak, wild boar, and other uncommon items. In addition to having these different animals they also are a free range farm. Allowing the animals to roam as they desire.

Many restaurants are attracted to the Oulton's product because they are able to offer unique local items from a known quality source.

These are just two examples of great foresight by farmers in our Valley. They are assuring that they stay ahead and offer something that will make them stand out during this troubling time and going forward.

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