The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Milne Court Petro-Canada

Posted On: Sat. Oct. 5 2013

How and why do you decide where you’re going to buy something mundane and sometimes painful like gas?

Here in Nova Scotia it really isn’t about price. Having our gas prices regulated means, even more than they did before, stations all have the same price set.

You can look at the reward programs that almost all the chains offer now. That’s basically how I decided for the longest time. Ultramar gives me 2 cents off per litre when I use their value max card. Sometimes, on a fill up, that is almost enough for me to buy a coffee with the savings.

Before that it was Shell because I liked the air miles. We would usually use them to get coupons or gift cards of some sort and this helped us collect even faster.

For a gas station there isn’t a lot of ways to differentiate yourself. Realistically there isn’t a lot of motivation to do it either. Gas is one of those things people are going to buy no matter what, so you’re always going to have customers.

Milne Court Petro-Canada in New Minas has however came up with the best way to stand out and it’s made me change where I will be buying my gas from now on. I also think that there is a good lesson that businesses and even individuals can take from them and apply to our everyday lives and it’s very simple, offer amazing customer service.

It all really comes back to the golden rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you treat customers or just anyone you deal with in your life the way you would want to be treated it can go along way and make all the difference in the world.

Milne Court Petro-Canada has found away to constantly offer great customer service. What really strikes me is that it never feels forced and that it extends to all the staff.

It starts right when you walk in the door. Most times you’re welcomed immediately and often even have the door opened for you. From there the cashiers are always pleasant and have a smile on their face, and of course there are the ambassadors who will help you with anything they can. 

To top it all off they also have Grams Café with great JustUs! coffee and lunch. Their support of cancer research with their Cap it for Cancer program is also a great initiative. $2 gets you pink valve stem covers to show your support while the money goes towards research.

I started going there for the free air for the tires that most stations are now charging for. The first time I had a tire pressure gauge and was fully prepared to check and fill them myself, but before I knew it there was someone there helping me and taking care of it.

So from now on I will be getting my gas from the place that seems to really value me has a customer.  Now I won’t save that 2 cents a litre during each fill up but Petro-Canada does offer their own rewards program that I signed up for today as well. So not only will I get the great customer service but I’ll get other benefits as well.


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