The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Kentville Goes Idle Free

Posted On: Thu. Sep. 25 2008

Kentville has now become the first municipality in the Maritimes to pass a bylaw which makes it illegal to leave your vehicle idling.

This is Kentville's way to help combat global warming, and to do their part to educate the population about this issue. The bylaw does carry with it fines ranging from $150 to $10 000.

The law seems to be quite reasonable having exceptions for things like emergency vehicles among others. It also allows for the use of heat to help clear windows when they may be covered with ice.

In general this seems to be a good idea. Not only will it do a part in help keeping our Annapolis Valley beautiful, but it will also help save some money in gas costs. Another good thing about this is that it will force people to think about things they normally take for granted, which hopefully will even help outside of Kentville's boundaries.

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