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Happy New Year 2011

Posted On: Sat. Jan. 1 2011

Happy New Year! 2010 was a good year and I’m hoping that 2011 ends up being even better. I wish everyone the best in this coming year.

Today I started thinking back on 2010 and have come up with a few of the top news stories which related to the Annapolis Valley. Some of them are good news for the region while others were not so great.

One story which gathered national attention was the hate crime story in Windsor. In February 2010 Justin and Nathan Rehberg committed a hate crime by burning a cross on the lawn of Shayne Howe and Michelle Lyon with a noose attached to it. This was the first time in Canada that a cross burning was decidedly a hate crime.

On a more pleasant note, in April Lawrencetown made it to the top five communities in the Kraft Hockeyville 2010 challenge. This gave the Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena $25,000 for upgrades and renovations.

In the summer months Bob Gee who runs Mader’s Tobacco shop in Kentville won a victory in his long going battle over displaying tobacco products in his store. Since 2007 he has been fighting to be allowed to continue showing these products. It was decided that the law which he is accused of breaking does infringe on his freedom of expression. This battle is long from over as the province intends on showing these laws are for the greater good of the population.

We’ve seen a number of storms this year in the Annapolis Valley. Hurricane Earl which came through near the first of September had farmers very worried about their crops. Luckily the storm didn’t do as much damage as expected after weakening, and the crops were not badly damaged. More recently in December we had a wild wind storm which caused lots of damage and left people without power for days.

In October the long awaited Berwick Apple Dome, officially The Kings Mutual Century Centre, opened to the public. The facility which was dreamed of and planned for around ten years has phase one completed and held a three day opening celebration.

In the beginning of December a national story came about and ended up focusing on our region. The pays of Native Band Councils were revealed with some of the highest salaries coming from the Glooscap First Nation with 300 members. Chief Shirley Clarke defends her and the councilor’s salaries. The highest paid in the country was found to have most his almost million dollar reported salary from contract work he was awarded to perform within the community.

The final story is unfortunately not a new one for the Valley as more jobs losses have been announced. Like other similar processing plants Larsens in Berwick has announced it will be closing in April. It has previously reduced the tasks which took place at the plant and now will be moving all production elsewhere. Also in the jobs leaving Convergys the call centre in Cornwallis will be closing its centre in March. They have stated that some employees will be able to continue working as a work at home agent, but most of the jobs are expected to be moved over seas.

So those are some of the top news stories which I recall from 2010 in the Annapolis Valley. If you feel I’ve missed any that were big deals please post them in the comment section and have a great 2011.


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