The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Federal Election 2008

Posted On: Wed. Oct. 1 2008

On October 14, 2008 Canada will be holding its 40th general election. Here in the Annapolis Valley we have two Federal ridings: West Nova and Kings-Hants.

Kings-Hants covers all of Hants County and from Grand Pre to Waterville in Kings County. Currently the Member of Parliament is the Liberal Representative Scott Brison.

West Nova makes up the area from Berwick to Yarmouth. West Nova also has a Liberal MP Robert Thibault.

Both Liberal MP's will be the Candidate for their ridings once again. The other two big Parties, the Conservatives and NDP, each have their Candidates selected for our ridings.

For the Conservatives Rosemary Segado is the Candidate for Kings-Hants, and Greg Kerr is running in West Nova. Greg Kerr also ran in this riding in the last election and was under 600 votes from Robert Thibault. Rosemary Segado is a new candidate in this election.

The NDP are running new Candidates in both ridings. George Barron is running in West Nova, and Carol Harris in Kings-Hants.

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