The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Eric Smith Should Resign

Posted On: Fri. Jan. 14 2011

Both the Chronicle Herald and the Kings County Register/Advertiser had articles today about Eric Smith the Kings County Councillor caught drinking and driving twice in the past few years. In both cases the only time he was caught was because he was involved in single vehicle accidents, so it is hard to guess how many more times he has actually been behind the wheel while drunk.

This isn't anything new, it's an unfortunate fact that there are people out there who feel it is OK to drink and drive. It's also not new for politicians. In 2007 Ernie Fage, at the time a Nova Scotia Cabinet Minister, had an accident after driving drunk. There are many more examples of politicians driving while under the influence.

While no one should drive when drinking it is especially gross when someone elected by the public, to serve the public, does something like this. Their job is to look out for the public's interest. They are doing the exact opposite of that when they put people's lives and even property at risk.

Thankfully in both of Mr. Smith's accidents no one was injured. Property was damaged though and police / fire departments had to dedicate their time and energy to investigate and take care of these accidents. Now the justice system is looking after the case,  it is currently postponed so will be back in court again later this year. All these things are needlessly costing the people who elected him money.

Lamentably there are no laws in place that force someone in this position to resign from their elected job. Some may think that he deserves the opportunity to get help with his condition, which of course he does and he should get that help. He should not however remain a public servant when he inexcusably breaks the law and puts people's lives in danger. He should do the right thing by resigning and getting the help he needs.

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