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Cheap Swimming Party in March

Posted On: Sun. Mar. 6 2011

We have some great resources and facilities here in the Annapolis Valley and many people might not know about some of them. Yesterday we celebrated my youngest daughters birthday party. She had decided some time ago that she wanted to go swimming for her birthday. We ended up renting two facilities which are side by side and had a great party.

The main thing is obviously the swimming. Luckily she decided early enough that we were able to book the pool at the the Waterville Youth Correctional Centre. Now that might sound like a weird place to hold a kids birthday party, but Kings County and the facility have a great working releationship. The County uses the pool area for swim lessons and public swims. As the pool is only used some of the time it makes sense to allow the County to make use of it while it is available.

The entry into the pool is right in the main entrance so you don't even really enter the correctional centre at all. There are basically three door ways that take you to the pool, the male change rooms, the female change rooms, and a door to a balcony that looks down over the pool area.

I wasn't able to find it anywhere on the County website, but you can also rent the pool through them for certain times. We had it booked from 4:30 to 6:00 pm on Saturday afternoon and there was another party that came in right behind us.

Now because the main purpose for the pool isn't public use there is no area that you are able to do things like have birthday cake or open presents. Thankfully right across the street is the Waterville fire hall. They have rooms that are available for anyone to rent. So we booked one of the smaller rooms for an hour before the pool. We had a fair number of people and the room held us nicely. The kids were able to run around a bit, have some snacks, eat cake and open presents. When we were done we just walked across the road and into the pool, it really worked out great.

When we were first looking at doing this for a party I was thinking that the cost could end up being fairly high, seeing as we had to rent to different places. However this was likely one of the cheapest parties we've thrown for our kids. The cost of the pool was only $35, this is for an hour and a half of pool time and they provide the life guard. The room at the fire hall was only $25 for an hour. So in total we only spent $55 and could have accomodated many more kids than we had attend.

For more information on the swimming programs offered by the Kings County at the correctional centre you can visit their site at

If you are interested renting the facilities at the Waterville fire hall you can visit their site at

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