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Call Me Fitz Red Carpet Premiere in Wolfville

Posted On: Wed. Sep. 22 2010

Wolfville was full of the stars and producers of the show which was filmed in New Minas last year.

Call Me Fitz is a comedy about a used car salesman Richard Fitzpatrick played by Jason Priestley. It is certainly a different role than his character on 90210 and not meant for family night TV, but mature viewers will likely find the show very funny.

Fitz who seems to care about no one except himself ends up having Larry, played by Ernie Grunwald, claiming to be his conscience. Larry becomes part owner of Fitzpatrick Motors and tries to help the unwilling Fitz straighten his life out.

It was almost surreal to be in the theatre and able to watch the first two episodes with all the cast and to hear from the producers and creators of the show. Matt Dusk, who provides the soundtrack for the show, started off the event with a live performance of a couple of the songs from the show. 

Tracy Dawson who plays Fitz’s sister Meghan, Peter MacNeill who plays their father Ken, Donavon Stinson who plays Josh, Gillian Ferrier who plays Kara were all on the red carpet for the premiere. At some point in the night I’m certain I heard each one of them say how glad they were to be back in the Annapolis Valley and to be shooting the second season here.

Even though the show itself might not be something everyone will watch, from all the reviews and from what I’ve seen, the show has the potential to be a big success and that can only be a good thing for the Valley.

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