The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Apple Industry Gets Funding

Posted On: Fri. Feb. 20 2009

Apples are one of the Annapolis Valley's claim to fame. Yesterday, February 19, 2009, Agriculture Canada announced that the apple industry was going to receive some vital funding to help research new apple varieties.

Over the past few years the Honey Crisp variety has helped the apple industry in our region. Apple growers don't expect that the demand for these apples will be as high as it has been as more and more become available.

To help keep the momentum going $218 000 will be used for researching other varieties for the area. Researchers will take a number varieties and either plant new trees, or graft these varieties to existing trees.

It is good to see this proactive approach to ensure that one of our main industries is able to continue to remain viable. Hopefully it is not too late for our pork industry, which has been having a hard time as of late.

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