The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Annapolis Valley School Board Budget

Posted On: Sun. Feb. 22 2009

In a recent article from The Chronicle Herald, the new superintendent Margo Tait admits that they may have to look at staff cuts in the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.

The school board has already made cuts to programs basically as far as they can. The superintendent states that without at least a 4.5% increase from the Provincial Government they will not be able to keep all the programs that have been offered.

The programs that will suffer most will end up being Music, Physical Education, and Special Education. Also in jeopardy are French Immersion programs throughout Valley Schools. Facebook has seen groups setup rallying to help save the program.

Part of the issues for the School Board, is that the Provincial Budget is not due to come out after their teaching assignments need to be made. This puts them in a very awkward spot. If a budget does not get brought down before the beginning of May, they will be making staff assignments not knowing how much of a Provincial contribution they will be receiving.

Obviously the majority of the World is going through a rough economic time right now so budgets are tight. But here in Nova Scotia our Premier Rodney MacDonald has already hinted that he will run a deficit budget if need be. If there is already going to be a deficit why not put some of that money into our education system.

In this hard economic situation we can not forget about education. In fact in my mind I would say it should become even more of a priority in these times. Governments everywhere are looking at putting more money into infrastructure to help create jobs. Why not put money into keeping jobs that will truly help our future generations.

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