The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Annapolis Valley Radio

When driving through the Annapolis Valley there are three main choices for radio listening.

K-Rock 89.3

K-Rock is the Valley's newest station. In June 2008 they started broadcasting  Rock through out the Annapolis Valley.

K-Rock is run by Newcap Radio. They also provide the usual information such as news and weather. One of the more popular shows during the day is Mornings with Darrin & Becky

Visit the  89.3 KROCK website at 

AVR (Annapolis Valley Radio) Network

AVR at 97.7 FM is the Annapolis Valley's country music option. Their tag line is "Today's Best Country", but they also provide local news and weather.

The March of Champions is one of the most popular programming segments of AVR. It covers live action of Acadia University's sports games, both away and home games.

Visit the AVR website at AVR Network

Magic 94.9

In 2008 Magic 94.9 rebranded itself with the tag line "We Play Everything". They play a wide range of music such as rock and pop. Magic is the sister station to AVR. Both stations are owned by MBS (Maritime Broadcasting System) Radio.

Visit the Magic 94.9 website at Magic 94.9