The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Afternoon at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Posted On: Thu. Aug. 19 2010

Although I'd always heard how good the Annapolis Valley Exhibition was, this was the first year that I've made it down to check it out myself. We had family visiting from away and thought it would be an excellent way to spend an afternoon with them, we were right.

It was a pretty hot day in Lawrencetown, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying everything that was going on. There were also lots of shady areas which were much cooler than out in the direct sun.

Amusement Rides from the Ferris WheelInitially I thought we might have a hard time getting the kids to do anything else other than the rides. We started with them, but it wasn't long before they were anxious to go and see the rest of what was going on.

We started at the main ring where we saw the Men's Belgian Cart Class, the horses and carts were very well presented. Directly over from the main ring, there were horse pulls going on. We moved over there and watched these amazingly strong animals pulling huge amounts of weight.

All the barns were filled with different types of livestock. I couldn't get over the variety of animals which were there. Some of the favourites were the miniature horses, miniature donkeys, the wolves, and of course the rabbits. There were also oxen, cattle, goats, poultry, and all sorts of breeds of horses.

Comfy CattleOne of the goals of the Valley Ex being to promote agriculture in the youth, and I believe they are doing a great job at this. There were lots of youth there with their animals and others watching the events. My kids have wanted bunnies for a while now and we've been discussing that possibility, now they really want some and to bring them next year. 


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