The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Acadia Students Ignore Warnings

Posted On: Sun. Sep. 28 2008

For a long time Students have been getting warnings from both RCMP as well as from peers within the Acadia Student Unions to calm down and be good neighbours. However there are still some students who are ignoring these warnings and causing mischief and disturbances throughout the community.

The RCMP are still getting complaints and the majority seem to be regarding intoxicated students being loud and disruptive. There have also been other complaints about pranks and property damage. Due to students not listening to the ample warnings they have received there will be few warnings given out now. Instead violators will be handed a fine to pay, this could make a night of fun quite expensive.

While it is easy to paint all University students with the same brush, we should remember that not all students have this bad behaviour. The majority of students are at Acadia to learn and understand that even though partying and fun are parts of University life, there are appropriate ways to do these things will still getting a quality education and being a good neighbour to the community.

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