The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

About The Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley runs along the west side of Nova Scotia, and is protected by the North and South mountains. It is widely considered that the Valley covers from Windsor to Digby.

Whether you are coming for a vacation, looking to start a business, or move here, the Valley has a lot to offer. We have great shopping and a strong technical infrastructure to help communicate globally. Combine this with our rural / agricultural setting and our great people, and you have a well balanced region that makes living and working here a pleasure.

A Brief History

Although we are probably best known for our agriculture industry we certainly have a lot more to offer than our delicious apples. The Annapolis Valley has a rich history. The first settlement was built by the French, with the help of the Mi'kmaq, in Port Royal. This settlement was fought over for many years by the French and British with the name eventually being changed to Annapolis Royal. Both Annapolis Royal and the valley itself received their names in honour of Queen Anne.