The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

2011 Federal Election in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Thu. Apr. 7 2011

On March 26th 2011 a Federal Election was called for May 2, 2011. It seems like just a few years ago we were going to the polls, I guess that's because we were. Some people have been complaining about another election, but this is part of Democracy and I'll take it over the alternative.

So lets get to the current candidates in the two ridings that make up the Annapolis Valley and where you can find more information about them and where they stand.

In West Nova we have:

Greg Kerr who is looking to be re-elected for the Conservatives. His website is, he is on Twitter at @gregkerrCPC and his Facebook page is

Robert Thibault is running again for the Liberals. You can follow him along on his website and his Facebook page.

It appears George Barron will run for the NDP again in this election. You can find him on the NDP website.

Ross Johnson is running as the candidate for the Green Party. you can find him on the Green Party website.

In Kings--Hants we have:

Scott Brison who is trying to keep his seat for the Liberals can be found on his website, on Twitter @scottbrison, and on his Facebook page.

For the Conservatives David Morse is looking to his experience in Provincial politics to the Federal level. You can find him at his site on Twitter @David_Morse.

The NDP candidate is Mark Rogers. You can follow him at his website, on Twitter @KingsHantsNDP and his Facebook page.

For the Green Party Sheila Richardson has been nominated as the candidate. She can be found at her website, on her Facebook page, and on Twitter @KingsHantsGreen.

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