The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

2009 Nova Scotia Election The Results Are In

Posted On: Tue. Jun. 9 2009

It looks as though Nova Scotia will make it a full term without another election. The NDP was able to come in with a majority government and sent the PC party into third place.

Here in the Annapolis Valley the majority of the ridings ending up staying the same, but the two ridings that did change went from PC to the NDP.

In Digby-Annapolis Liberal Harold (Jr) Theriault was able to keep his seat. Moving up the Valley to the Annapolis riding the Liberal party leader Stephen McNeil will stay as one of the eleven Liberal MLA's elected. Leo Glavine the Liberal incumbent of Kings West was also able to stay put.

The only PC seat that remained the same out of the six electoral districts in the Annapolis Valley was Hants West. There Chuck Porter will remain as the only PC in the Valley and only one of ten in Nova Scotia.

Both Kings North and Kings South saw long time PC seats change over to the NDP. Across Nova Scotia they were able to win 31 seats which include Jim Morton who came out on over the prominent Mark Parent and Ramona Jennex defeated David Morse. Both Parent and Morse were previous Ministers of the PC Cabinet.

The Green party who did end up having a candidate run in every riding in the Valley was unable to pick up enough votes to win a seat here or anywhere in Nova Scotia.

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