The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

2008 Election Update

Posted On: Wed. Oct. 15 2008

The 2008 Election is now over. October 14th saw Steven Harper and his Conservative Party win another minority government. They did manage to pick up a few more seats with one of those being West Nova here in the Annapolis Valley.

In Nova Scotia as a whole, all the seats remained the same except for West Nova. Here Greg Kerr received slightly over 1000 more votes than incumbent Robert Thibault.

Despite efforts, such as the D250 celebrations, which were trying to increase voter turnout, the National turnout was only 59.1%. Nova Scotia was slightly higher with 60.7%. The West Nova district was slightly higher again with a turnout rate of 62.8%. In Kings--Hants the turnout rate was lower than even the National rate at 58.9%.

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