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Vote for New Minas Elementary

Posted On: Sun. Apr. 19 2015

New Minas Elementary has been chosen as a top 10 finalist in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest!

The school could win a $20,000 outdoor classroom, which would benefit not only our students but our whole community. An outdoor classroom is a space that brings learning outside and gives students the opportunity to experience nature and ultimately bring learning to life.

We are so excited about this opportunity and are asking for your help, we need people to vote for our school and to spread the word about voting. Voters can vote once daily starting on Tuesday, April 7 2015 and ending on Monday, May 4 2015. Voters have the chance to win $10,000 for themselves just for voting!

Please help us spread the word and get as many people voting for our school as possible. The website is

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Gaspereau River Tubing

Posted On: Mon. Jul. 7 2014

My family and a bunch of friends recently went tubing down the Gaspereau River.

Read about more abou it at the Gaspereau River Tubing attraction article.

It was very fun, so much in fact that I went the next day again with just a couple friends at lunch time from work. I highly recommend it. 

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Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Official Launch and Open House

Posted On: Wed. Jan. 22 2014

Media Release

January 21, 2014

Kentville NS

Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Official Launch and Open House, Friday January 24th, 11 am

The Kings Volunteer Resource Centre invites you to its Official Launch and Open House.

Join us Friday at 11 am at the centre, 87 Cornwallis St., Kentville N S. [Municipal Building – entrance at the back of the building, middle doors off the parking lot]

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Refresh Food

Posted On: Sun. Oct. 20 2013

The Annapolis Valley is well known for our agriculture. Less known though is the talented New Media people we have, but that is changing.

There is a great project that is working to combine these two areas, Refresh Food. They are looking to bring farmers, distributers, chefs and policy people together with people in the New Media area to work on coming up with fresh new ideas related to the production, distribution and consumption of the great food produced here in the Valley.

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Milne Court Petro-Canada

Posted On: Sat. Oct. 5 2013

How and why do you decide where you’re going to buy something mundane and sometimes painful like gas?

Here in Nova Scotia it really isn’t about price. Having our gas prices regulated means, even more than they did before, stations all have the same price set.

You can look at the reward programs that almost all the chains offer now. That’s basically how I decided for the longest time. Ultramar gives me 2 cents off per litre when I use their value max card. Sometimes, on a fill up, that is almost enough for me to buy a coffee with the savings.

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Game On and Go Girls Summer Camps

Posted On: Fri. Jul. 5 2013

This summer the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Annapolis Valley are going to be hosting, Go Girls! and Game On! These are two gender oriented camps in Three Miles Plains, Windsor and Middleton areas and we are looking for 10-12 girls and boys from the ages of 10-14, who may not always be able to afford camp and really need an opportunity to express themselves safely while having fun, getting to know others, staying active and promoting a positive sense of self.

The camps are free of charge and we provide the campers with snacks and lunch. All we ask is that parents and guardians send their campers with comfortable clothing, sneakers and a water bottle.

Below is the letter to parents and you can download the application form here.

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Trans County Transportation Society

Posted On: Sun. Jul. 22 2012

It is with great pleasure that Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS) announces our partnership with the Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Bridgetown Pharmasave to support reduced fares for a Bridgetown Medical Shuttle service operating from Bridgetown to Kentville and Halifax. 

Both Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Bridgetown Pharmasave have recognized the need to support the cost of medical transportation to the residents of West Paradise and Bridgetown area, including north to the Fundy Shore line and south to the West Dalhousie borders. This will include those residents not presently within the catchment areas for the Annapolis West Health Foundation Medical Shuttle and the Valley Drug Mart Medical Shuttle which are also operated by TCTS.

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Letter to the AVRSB Superintendent of Schools

Posted On: Tue. Jun. 12 2012

Below is a letter which I sent to Margo Tait Superintendent of Schools of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. I know some will disagree with my stand on split classes, but I have seen them work very well in this situation. I know some will also think this is a pretty minor aspect of our school system to get a reaction, but random changes to something that has been proven to work for, what appears to be, no real reason bother me.

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Greenwood Bowling Centre Offers New After School Program

Posted On: Wed. Feb. 8 2012

The Greenwood Bowling Centre is a non-profit organization operating in the 14 Wing Military Base in Greenwood, N.S.

With the support of The Municipality of the County of Kings and the sponsorship of Heritage Canada and Sports Canada, we are very excited to introduce a new afterschool program designed to encourage youth between the age of 6 and 16 to participate in a fun and active lifestyle.

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Christine Faour's Eat Where You Are

Posted On: Sat. Nov. 26 2011

Over the past couple months I've had the opportunity to get to know local author Christine Faour. We've had a number of conversations and gotten together a couple of times but I've probably learned more about her by reading her recipe book.

It likely seems strange that I've learned about someone by reading their recipes but Christine's book "Eat Where You Are" is, as she calls it, a memoir in recipes.

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2011 Apple Blossom Grand Street Parade

Posted On: Mon. May. 30 2011

Saturday was almost a perfect day for the Grand Street Parade. It was not too hot, but it was warm and it didn't rain. The streets of Kentville were crowded with thousands of people there to see the Princesses and other floats / displays in the parade.

It took a lot longer than the children's parade video, but here are a couple videos from the 79th Apple Blossom Festival Grand Street  Parade. The music playing is from the bands who were in the parade.

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2011 Apple Blossom Children's Parade

Posted On: Sun. May. 29 2011

Finally after having plans for a long time to post videos from around the Annapolis Valley, the first video was posted to YouTube.

It's almost the full 79th Apple Blossom Festival Children's Parade.

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It's Apple Blossom Time

Posted On: Thu. May. 26 2011

The 79th Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival has officially began. Last night the opening was held in Annapolis Royal and there are many more great events coming up this weekend.

This long running festival is great at promoting the agricultural industry here in the Valley while providing a family event that everyone can enjoy.

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Oaklawn Farm Zoo in the Spring

Posted On: Sat. Apr. 9 2011

Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Aylesford opens today (April 9, 2011) for the season. Spring time has to be about the best time to visit the zoo, even though each year we end up with a season pass and visit many times, early spring is always my favourite.

For regular visitors like my family one of the big reasons we like the spring visits so much is because it has been so long since we've last been. Our family is still young and growing and this year our son, will be extra excited. He is in an animal loving phase right now, where all his toys, books, movies need to be or involve some form of animal. He's so young that he won't really remember the zoo from last year, that will make this first visit almost like his first.

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2011 Federal Election in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Thu. Apr. 7 2011

On March 26th 2011 a Federal Election was called for May 2, 2011. It seems like just a few years ago we were going to the polls, I guess that's because we were. Some people have been complaining about another election, but this is part of Democracy and I'll take it over the alternative.

So lets get to the current candidates in the two ridings that make up the Annapolis Valley and where you can find more information about them and where they stand.

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Cheap Swimming Party in March

Posted On: Sun. Mar. 6 2011

We have some great resources and facilities here in the Annapolis Valley and many people might not know about some of them. Yesterday we celebrated my youngest daughters birthday party. She had decided some time ago that she wanted to go swimming for her birthday. We ended up renting two facilities which are side by side and had a great party.

The main thing is obviously the swimming. Luckily she decided early enough that we were able to book the pool at the the Waterville Youth Correctional Centre. Now that might sound like a weird place to hold a kids birthday party, but Kings County and the facility have a great working releationship. The County uses the pool area for swim lessons and public swims. As the pool is only used some of the time it makes sense to allow the County to make use of it while it is available.

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Eric Smith Should Resign

Posted On: Fri. Jan. 14 2011

Both the Chronicle Herald and the Kings County Register/Advertiser had articles today about Eric Smith the Kings County Councillor caught drinking and driving twice in the past few years. In both cases the only time he was caught was because he was involved in single vehicle accidents, so it is hard to guess how many more times he has actually been behind the wheel while drunk.

This isn't anything new, it's an unfortunate fact that there are people out there who feel it is OK to drink and drive. It's also not new for politicians. In 2007 Ernie Fage, at the time a Nova Scotia Cabinet Minister, had an accident after driving drunk. There are many more examples of politicians driving while under the influence.

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Happy New Year 2011

Posted On: Sat. Jan. 1 2011

Happy New Year! 2010 was a good year and I’m hoping that 2011 ends up being even better. I wish everyone the best in this coming year.

Today I started thinking back on 2010 and have come up with a few of the top news stories which related to the Annapolis Valley. Some of them are good news for the region while others were not so great.

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Damaging December Wind Storm

Posted On: Fri. Dec. 17 2010

Everyone I've spoken with says that the storm that hit the Annapolis Valley Monday night (December 13) was some of the strongest winds they could remember. All were thankful for the warmer than seasonal temperatures which kept the precipitation to rain and not snow.

The blew over so many trees, it ripped shingles off roofs, and in some cases took the whole roof off of buildings. The damage of trees falling onto homes, cars and other property has caused massive damage. One of my first experiences with the Valley was at the Berwick United Church Campground. They have beautiful grounds with many trees and buildings. Over half the buildings were damaged due to the storm and they have lost a lot of trees.

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Call Me Fitz Red Carpet Premiere in Wolfville

Posted On: Wed. Sep. 22 2010

Wolfville was full of the stars and producers of the show which was filmed in New Minas last year.

Call Me Fitz is a comedy about a used car salesman Richard Fitzpatrick played by Jason Priestley. It is certainly a different role than his character on 90210 and not meant for family night TV, but mature viewers will likely find the show very funny.

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Afternoon at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Posted On: Thu. Aug. 19 2010

Although I'd always heard how good the Annapolis Valley Exhibition was, this was the first year that I've made it down to check it out myself. We had family visiting from away and thought it would be an excellent way to spend an afternoon with them, we were right.

It was a pretty hot day in Lawrencetown, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying everything that was going on. There were also lots of shady areas which were much cooler than out in the direct sun.

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Busy Weekend in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Sun. Aug. 15 2010

This weekend was a very busy one in the Annapolis Valley. There were so many events going on all over that it made it difficult to choose which things to go to.

Saturday we took it pretty easy and went to help celebrate New Minas Days for a little while. The kids loved jumping around all the inflatable bouncers which were setup. There was also a huge soap/water slide setup down the side of a hill in Lockhart Ryan Park. People of all ages were trying to cool off a little by flying down the slippery black plastic slide. The whole time there was live musical entertainment being played.

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Official Opening of Miner Marsh

Posted On: Thu. Aug. 12 2010

Miner Marsh was officially opened tonight, August 12, 2010. The piece of land was purchased by Ducks Unlimited Canada in 1997 and the plans for the park have been in the works since around 2004.

The property is right downtown Kentville behind the municipal building and features 1.5 km of trials around the wetlands. One of the main landmarks in the Park is a bridge which was put in place over the Cornwallis River. 

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Libraries Offering Digital Downloads

Posted On: Tue. Aug. 10 2010

It's been years since I've been to the library to actually borrow a book, and after what I discovered today it may be even longer.

The Annapolis Valley Libraries are now offering digital downloads for library members. They have hundreds of ebooks and audio books that you can borrow right from your computer. They aren't just old books either. One book I've been meaning to read, because of all the good things I've heard about it, is Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, they just happened to have an audio book version available, so I choose to download it.

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The New

Posted On: Sun. Aug. 8 2010

Finally after a long time and a lot of work the new version of is here. This is certainly more than just a new look for the website, it’s really a new beginning.

It's still the same team with the same goal in mind, to bring all the great things the Annapolis Valley has to offer together, and make it easy for everyone to find. This version is going to make it easier to do just that. From events, jobs, businesses, and attractions it can all be found right here.

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Geocaching in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Fri. Aug. 6 2010

Recently my family and I have been introduced to a new hobby, geocaching. Not that it’s a new idea, because it’s been around for quite a while, just new to us.

When asked to go geocaching I wasn’t sure what to expect as I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. I had heard the term, but never really looked into what it was or what it involved. After talking to other people about it I realize I wasn’t alone and that there are more people who aren’t sure of what geocaching is.

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Lawrencetown For Kraft Hockeyville 2010

Posted On: Mon. Mar. 29 2010

As most people have probably now heard Lawrencetown has made it into the top 5 communities in the Kraft Hockeyville 2010. The competition started out with over 250 communities and is now down to the following.

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Easter Weekend in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Mon. Mar. 29 2010

Come and Visit the Easter Bunny at the Greenwood Mall beginning March 25th until April 3rd.

There will be a Kids Easter Party at the Ardoise Community Hall, Hwy 1 & School Road on Saturday, March 27th from 1 to 3pm.  The ages are Pre-school to Grade 2.  There will be games, treats, and fun.  The cost is $3. Please contact: 757-2900.

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March Break is Almost Here

Posted On: Thu. Feb. 25 2010

What are your plans for March Break? If you don't have any plans yet here are some ideas that might help keep the kids busy during their week off of school.

Community Day Camps

The town of Berwick has an excellent March Break program. They have a week of fun events lined up for the kids including a day of swimming and glow bowling. Space is limited and you must pre-register so for full information check out the full details from the Berwick Recreation department.

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Winter Weekend Fun

Posted On: Wed. Jan. 20 2010

Here are a couple of fun winter weekend events which will be taking place this coming weekend.

Sledding Under The Lights

Bring your sleds and come out to the Kentville Memorial Park from 5:30pm - 9:00pm on Friday January 22nd. The AVR Misfits will be there with you to enjoy some family fun with sledding and hot chocolate.

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Big Plans For 2010

Posted On: Thu. Jan. 7 2010

We are now a week into 2010 and for me it is a very exiting year. For the last four years I've been taking Computer Science at Acadia University which has meant that this website has been a "spare time" project for me. That was the original plan was that this site and the web design service would always be part time. However my wife and I have decided that come graduation in May 2010 Our Valley will become a full time venture. This is exciting and scary at the same time but it will work.

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Christmas Events in the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Fri. Nov. 13 2009

November marks the beginning of many Christmas related events in the Annapolis Valley. Each town hosts their own Christmas events with each one being slightly unique.

Join the Greenwood Mall on November 14th at 11:30am for their Children's Christmas Parade. The parade begins in the Mall at Econo Color and ends at Santa Land. The Kingston Elementary School will be performing in Centre Court after the parade and Mrs Claus will be in Centre Court decorating cookies with the children from 1pm - 3pm.

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The Olympic Flame Comes to the Annapolis Valley

Posted On: Fri. Nov. 13 2009

On November 19th the Town of Annapolis Royal will welcome the Olympic Torch at 10am at Fort Anne. The events held that day begin at 9:15am with a community round hockey game as well as cake, hot chocolate, souvenirs and more! At 9:45am the torch arrives and at 10am the torch departs Fort  Anne.

The Town of Wolfville will host the Olympic Flame on November 20th, 2009. The Olympic Celebration will host two events. The first will be The Torch Relay Celebration beginning at 10:30am at the Festival Theatre parking lot. The celebration will include dancers, musicians as well as interactive booths and much more! The second event will be The Olympic Torch Relay, which will begin at 11:14am where the Olympic Flame will leave Sherwood Drive in Wolfville and go through the Town. It will arrive at the Torch Relay Celebration at 11:33am and then continue to make its way through the Town, leaving Wolfville at 12:45pm.

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64th Berwick Gala Days

Posted On: Sat. Sep. 5 2009

Especially for school aged children the Labour Day weekend is an end to summer, and each year since 1945 Berwick helps make that thought a little more bearable by celebrating Gala Days.

This year the 64th Berwick Gala Days celebration lasts from Thursday through to Monday with great events each day. Thursday and Friday left the events till the evening, but starting Saturday the events go on from morning till night.

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Spending a Hot Day in Windsor

Posted On: Mon. Aug. 17 2009

Yesterday, August 16, 2009, was a very hot day here in the Annapolis Valley. The temperature itself was not so bad, hovering right around 30 degrees, but with the humidex it made it feel like 39 degrees.

Most of us promise all winter that when the summer gets here we won't complain about the heat, so we won't complain. Instead embrace the heat and find something fun to do to cool down.

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New Minas Celebration Days 2009

Posted On: Fri. Aug. 7 2009

This weekend in New Minas Days. Officially starting August 6, 2009 the majority of the events are over the 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Friday is dubed Lights Spectacular Day, with events going on in Lockhart & Ryan Park starting at around 6:30pm. There will be all kinds of events for the whole family from face painting, to fireworks at 10:00pm. There will also be Midnight Games going until1:00am for all the night owls.

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Hantsport Nova Scotia Now Wireless

Posted On: Wed. Jul. 1 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Starting Canada Day 2009 Hantsport Nova Scotia will be offering free wireless internet to their residents and visitors. So far they seem to be the first town in Nova Scotia to offer this service. It would be great if this was a trend that catches on throughout the Valley. The first thought that came to mind when the Valley Community Fibre Network came online, was that it could provide a great opportunity to offer this type of wireless service.

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2009 Nova Scotia Election The Results Are In

Posted On: Tue. Jun. 9 2009

It looks as though Nova Scotia will make it a full term without another election. The NDP was able to come in with a majority government and sent the PC party into third place.

Here in the Annapolis Valley the majority of the ridings ending up staying the same, but the two ridings that did change went from PC to the NDP.

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77th Apple Blossom Festival Update

Posted On: Sun. May. 31 2009

The 77th Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival is now well underway. The events seem to be going off as planned and everyone appears to be having a good time. Most of the blossoms have now gone from the main festival areas, but in some outer areas there should still be some blossoms for people wanting to see the beauty, or get pictures.

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The Apple Blossoms Have Arrived

Posted On: Mon. May. 25 2009

It is almost Apple Blossom Festival here in the Annapolis Valley, and in lots of places the apple blossoms are already here. The official opening to this year's Apple Blossom Festival is on the 28th of May and will run through until June 1st, but really events and activities started even earlier.

With the apple trees blooming already we should still have some blossoms around for the festival. Different apple varieties bloom at different times. Some of the newer varieties tend to bloom later than older varieties such as Macintoshes or Gravenstien.

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100 Years of Flight in Canada

Posted On: Wed. May. 20 2009

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of powered flight in Canada. It was in February 1909 when the Silver Dart was first flown in Nova Scotia.

In celebration of this huge achievement 2009 is filled with events to commemorate the historic moment. 14 Wing Greenwood has been holding events all year. You can view their calendar of events at

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Nova Scotia Provincial Election 2009

Posted On: Sat. May. 9 2009

Driving around the Annapolis Valley it has become clear that we are preparing for another election. The political signs are popping up faster than the dandelions.

In the Annapolis Valley we have six election districts, Annapolis, Digby-Annapolis, Hants West, Kings North, Kings South, and Kings West. Below are a list of candidates who are running in the three major political parties.

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Apple Dome Finally Getting Started

Posted On: Sat. Apr. 25 2009

For somewhere around eight years volunteers have been planning and preparing for today. Rodney MacDonald was in Berwick today to start the ground breaking celebration for the Kings Mutual Century Centre, better known as the Apple Dome.

Berwick's current arena is over 50 years old so the original plan was to simply replace it. But since then it has grown to become a multi stage project which will include much more than just a rink. Some of the other facilities which will be added are a library, walking track, and swimming pool. The estimated date of completion for the first phase is September 2010.

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Annapolis Valley Online Flyers

Posted On: Tue. Feb. 24 2009

One of the features that is being worked on is a section that will show available specials or sales happening at Valley businesses.

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Non Traditional Valley Meat Producers

Posted On: Mon. Feb. 23 2009

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Apple Industry and how, with government help, they were researching, and proactively trying to change things around to ensure they are still an active industry in the future. Included in that article was how I would like to see the same with other industries such as the Pork Industry.

Well, there are meat producers in the Annapolis Valley who are doing just that. Meadowbrook Meat Market just outside of Berwick has become the only producer of Omega 3 enriched pork, and they sell a lot of their product in their own meat market.

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Annapolis Valley School Board Budget

Posted On: Sun. Feb. 22 2009

In a recent article from The Chronicle Herald, the new superintendent Margo Tait admits that they may have to look at staff cuts in the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.

The school board has already made cuts to programs basically as far as they can. The superintendent states that without at least a 4.5% increase from the Provincial Government they will not be able to keep all the programs that have been offered.

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Apple Industry Gets Funding

Posted On: Fri. Feb. 20 2009

Apples are one of the Annapolis Valley's claim to fame. Yesterday, February 19, 2009, Agriculture Canada announced that the apple industry was going to receive some vital funding to help research new apple varieties.

Over the past few years the Honey Crisp variety has helped the apple industry in our region. Apple growers don't expect that the demand for these apples will be as high as it has been as more and more become available.

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EKCC Best of Kings

Posted On: Thu. Feb. 19 2009

Last night, February 18, 2009, the Eastern Kings Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Best of Kings awards celebration. For these awards local businesses are nominated and then voted on in a wide range of categories.

In total there are 25 categories and the top three nominations from each are chosen to be voted on. This year there were over 13000 votes placed.

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Posted On: Tue. Feb. 17 2009

Social Media is not new anymore but it's something that I haven't played with a lot. For a while now I've had a Facebook group setup at, but I've not done a lot with it yet.

For some time I've seen the value in Facebook when it comes to personal uses, as well as using it to promote and inform people about business ventures.

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Grand Pre World Heritage Site Bid

Posted On: Mon. Feb. 16 2009

The Premier, Rodney MacDonald, was in Grand Pre today (February 16th 2009) to announce funding to help Grand Pre become a World Heritage Site. Nova Scotia already has two of these sites in Lunenburg and the Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

Those of us who live in the Valley, and those who have visited, already know what a great place it is. This would be an opportunity to reach many more people and let them know about the unique history.

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New Minas Winter Carnival 2009

Posted On: Sun. Feb. 15 2009

From February 18th to the 21st 2009, New Minas will be celebrating their annual Winter Carnival. The activities are part of the Take The Roof Off Winter  initiative put on by Nova Scotia's Department of Recreation.

Each day has outdoor skating at Lockhard & Ryan Park, but the celebration is also broken into themes to ensure that there is something for everyone. The days are Kick Off Day, Seniors Day, Childrens and Fireworks Day, and Family Winter Active Fun Day. Saturday has the majority of the events scheduled including Tobogganing, Ball Hockey, and Snow Sculpting.

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Annapolis Valley in the Winter

Posted On: Fri. Jan. 2 2009

The Annapolis Valley is known for its beauty and activities in the spring, summer, and especially autumn. But winter in the Valley has much to offer as well.

For skiing or snowboard enthusiasts, Windsor has Martock which offers some of the best skiing in Atlantic Canada. Their 600 foot mountain is open from early December to late March.

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Annapolis Valley Christmas and New Years Eve

Posted On: Tue. Dec. 2 2008

With Christmas Eve approaching families often attend the traditional Christmas Eve Service. Most churches host a candlelight service and Christmas sermon often accompanied by music and drama. If you are looking for a service on Christmas Eve please note the below:

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Annapolis Valley Holiday Celebrations

Posted On: Sat. Nov. 15 2008

Each year the Annapolis Valley celebrates the Holiday's with many traditional events. Each community puts on their own series of annual events. Beginning mid November through to the New Year you can celebrate in a number of ways.

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2008 Election Update

Posted On: Wed. Oct. 15 2008

The 2008 Election is now over. October 14th saw Steven Harper and his Conservative Party win another minority government. They did manage to pick up a few more seats with one of those being West Nova here in the Annapolis Valley.

In Nova Scotia as a whole, all the seats remained the same except for West Nova. Here Greg Kerr received slightly over 1000 more votes than incumbent Robert Thibault.

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Federal Election 2008

Posted On: Wed. Oct. 1 2008

On October 14, 2008 Canada will be holding its 40th general election. Here in the Annapolis Valley we have two Federal ridings: West Nova and Kings-Hants.

Kings-Hants covers all of Hants County and from Grand Pre to Waterville in Kings County. Currently the Member of Parliament is the Liberal Representative Scott Brison.

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Acadia Students Ignore Warnings

Posted On: Sun. Sep. 28 2008

For a long time Students have been getting warnings from both RCMP as well as from peers within the Acadia Student Unions to calm down and be good neighbours. However there are still some students who are ignoring these warnings and causing mischief and disturbances throughout the community.

The RCMP are still getting complaints and the majority seem to be regarding intoxicated students being loud and disruptive. There have also been other complaints about pranks and property damage. Due to students not listening to the ample warnings they have received there will be few warnings given out now. Instead violators will be handed a fine to pay, this could make a night of fun quite expensive.

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Valley Community Fibre Network

Posted On: Fri. Sep. 26 2008

In 2005 the Valley Community Fibre Network was started with the goal to connect communities and help businesses in the Valley succeed by having the technological infrastructure needed. The project involves having a 186 km fibre optic network which connects Middleton to Halifax, as well as the other partners which are in between.

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Annapolis Royal Wins Challenge

Posted On: Thu. Sep. 25 2008

Since 1995, Communities in Bloom has been challenging communities across the country to be environmentally friendly, show their community pride, and keep their communities beautiful.  The non-profit organizations slogan is "People, plants and pride ... growing together". Each participating community is evaluated on a number of categories which all relate back to the slogan and goals of the program.

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Kentville Goes Idle Free

Posted On: Thu. Sep. 25 2008

Kentville has now become the first municipality in the Maritimes to pass a bylaw which makes it illegal to leave your vehicle idling.

This is Kentville's way to help combat global warming, and to do their part to educate the population about this issue. The bylaw does carry with it fines ranging from $150 to $10 000.

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