The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Kentville Nova Scotia

Kentville is perhaps best known for Recreation within the Annapolis Valley. The Town’s recreational facilities line-up has allowed Kentville to host an impressive number of Provincial and National Championships. First class baseball and soccer fields, a three court tennis facility, outdoor pool, a quarter-mile track, Centennial Arena, 2 playgrounds, a protected wetland greenspace and a multi-use sports complex which houses indoor soccer and squash would name only a few of the community’s recreation amenities. In addition, a 7 kilometer trail system offers walkers, bikers and cross-country skiers an enjoyable outing, with opportunities to observe nature without straying very far from downtown. The Miner’s Marsh park (home to the Ducks Unlimited site) is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Kentville, where interpretative signage and interaction with wildlife make this visit one people want to experience over and over again. Kentville’s recreation facilities, green spaces and multitude of opportunities for wholesome family friendly fun make it the perfect place to go for a “breath of fresh air”.

Being one of the few areas in the province which has shown a population growth over the last number of years, Kentville is home to just over 6,000 people. Kentville continues to be the “Centre of the Annapolis Valley.” It has earned this status based on geography and also its positioning as a social hub and a service centre that is home to a number of banks and other professional businesses such as insurance companies, law firms, and Doctor’s offices. It is also the place to visit if you need some of provincial services or federal services. Access Nova Scotia handles things like the Registry of Motor Vehicles as well as the Registry of Joint Stock Companies. Along with your mail the large Post Office building also has federal services such as the Human Resource and Development Centre and Passport Office.

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