The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Hantsport Nova Scotia

Although Hantsport is not technically a part of our valley, it and Windsor are really part of the Avon River Valley, many still classify it as being a part of the Annapolis Valley.

Hantsport was incorporated in 1895 and was the smallest town in Canada at the time. Even though the population was small it became an important player in the shipbuilding industry with over 200 ships built.

Today Hantsport has a population around 1200 people. A large part of the industry in Hantsport is the Fundy Gypsum Company. Once the Gypsum is mined in Wentworth it travels by the Windsor and Hantsport railway to Hantsport. On the Wharf there is a large storage unit. It is then loaded onto boats using one of the fastest loaders in the world. The tides in the Minas Basin require boats to be loaded fast because there is only about a four to five hour window to get in and out of the port.

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