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Tubing the Gaspereau River

Me TubingI'd only done it once before and it was years and years ago as a teenager.

We decided a big group of us would all take our families and try tubing down the Gasperau River. Most had never been before and those who had hadn't been for a long time. Everyone had a blast.

There are a number of spots who rent tubes near where you enter the river. We thought with some younger kids it might be smart to do it with inflatable boats. So we found some good deals and bought a bunch up.

With me I put two of my kids in the boat with me but rented a tube for my oldest. As we weren't familiar we tied her tube to my boat so we would be sure to stay close to each other. One of my other children went in a boat with her friend tied to an adult.

Getting down to the river is about the hardest part, and that isn't bad. There is a rocky bank to walk down before you reach the water. Just take your time and if we can get all our kids down there without issue I'm sure most people will make out fine.

I would suggest the first time you go to have someone that has gone before come with you. This isn't nessessary though as it's a pretty smooth ride. There are a couple spots that it's much easier if you stay to one side of the river or the other though. If you have someone who can point that out to you, do it.

We were lucky enough to end up close to a group who tubes quite frequently and they pointed these spots out to us.

It's also best if you can go with at least a couple vehicles. When you make it to the end of the river it would be a fair hike back to the beginning. We had some people who didn't want to go down, so they drove to the end to pick us up.

If you're looking to do this there is a great group on Facebook that outlines things better than I do here

As the river is used by Nova Scotia Power they sometimes have to lower the river. This group above does a great job at keeping you informed when the river is to low to tube.

There's also a video clip from CBC where they talk about the whole experience with the man who runs the Facebook group

I would highly recommend trying this if you never have before. It's a great way to relax and cool off on a hot summer day.

Map of Tubing the Gaspereau River

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