The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Hennigars Farm Market

In 2008 Hennigars Farm Market, in Wolfville, celebrates 60 years of business. Although Hennigars started in the back of a truck, it has grown into a well known landmark in the Annapolis Valley. Inside the store you will find all kinds of great goodies, everything from fresh produce to a garden centre. Hennigars also has an in house bakery, so you can always find and smell delicious baked goods when you walk in.

Once you are done your shopping in the Farm Market, grab an ice cream cone and head out into the park area. Directly beside the Country Cookhouse, where you can get a quick bite to eat, is the entrance to the park and petting zoo. Walking in you will pass the duck pond where if you look closely you can usually spot a few turtles either sitting on logs or poking their heads out of the water. Inside the park there is an eating area as well as picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy your treat.

The petting zoo starts with the goat pen, where each spring you can see and feed the little baby goats. Walking up into the back part of the park you can see bunnyville, where the population of rabbits is always growing.

Once you are past the bunnies you enter the kids play area. There is a boat in a large sandbox for the children to dig and play in. There are shovels and buckets provided and getting in the driver's seat of the boat always makes the little ones happy. There is also a track setup where the kids can ride on John Deere tricycles.

When play time is over there are two options to go from here, you can either loop around to see the peacocks on your way out of the park, or you can enter the 2.5 km nature trail. The trail makes a nice hike through the woods. Most of the trail is well kept but it is not suitable for strollers or cyclists as it can get a little rugged in spots. You will eventually come out into a field and walk around the perimeter. When you get to the top you will have a spectacular view overlooking the valley. You then loop around and follow the same path through the woods back into the park.

With this great family area and the farm market, Hennigars really has something that will appeal to everyone. So if you are near the Greenwich area, be sure to stop in and have a look around.

For more information visit Hennigars Farm Markets website

Map of Hennigars Farm Market

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