The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival

Each year, starting the last Wednesday of May, the Annapolis Valley celebrates our agricultural history with the Apple Blossom Festival. The Festival has been running since 1933 and is one of the longest running Festivals in Canada, and is the longest running Childrens Parade.

Communities from Windsor to Digby nominate a Princess to represent them during the year and festivities. From the Princesses one will be crowned Queen Annapolisa and become the official spokesperson for the Festival.

Over the five days that the Festival spans there are many family oriented events. There are some common ones each year such as the Grand Street Parade, Childrens Parade, and fireworks display. But, especially in recent years, the Apple Blossom Committee has been adding new events while keeping the old favourites. The new event Applelicious celebrates the delicious apples from our Valley by having restaurants and other venues prepare special apple items on their menu.

During the 75th Apple Blossom Festival, the local artist Rachel MacLean wrote and recorded a new song for the Festival. It is now considered the Official Song of the Apple Blossom Festival. The song is perfectly titled A Time to Celebrate.

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Map of Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival

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